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SOBAMIMI "Soba Restaurant"

SOBAMIMI "Soba Restaurant"
Name board & Menu by Saori

Soba Restaurant, SOBAMIMI
207-1 Tanuma-cho, Sano, Tochigi, Japan.
Lunch: 11:00 to 14:30
Dinner: 17:00 to 23:00 (By Advance Reservation Only)
Close: Monday & Tuesday

Performance Event

I held a pleasant performance event at Day Service Center where I used to have calligraphy classes.
As it was Children’s Day, I draw participants’ grandsons’ / granddaughters’ name with them.

Performance and Lecture for Newly-recruited Employees at a Freshman Seminar by Sano Camber of Commerce.

What is your destiny? Have you ever thought about it?
Each individual has been given his or her destiny since you were born. It is calligraphy that is my destiny.
God gives indispensable experiences in order to make us notice our own destinies.
Throughout such experiences, our delight will be bigger and bigger; moreover, you should not forget there are precious people supporting you.


Sano City Event: Ittenbe-e(i)

From April 4th to 30th, I will join Sano City’s event called Ittenbe-ei that is held by artists from Sano.
You can get postcards designed by Saori at stationery shop, “Nihon-ya” in front of Sano Station.

Photographer: Shinji Kobayashi
Place: Zentokuji temple, Ashikaga
Ittenbe-e(i) Website

Exhibition at Tokyo Skytree

My works are displayed at Tochimaru shop, 4F, Tokyo Skytree.
They also sell noted products of Tochigi. Check it out!

Tochimaru Shop Website

Exhibition at PALPORTO, Sano Ekimae Kouryu Plaza

Exhibition at PALPORTO, Sano Ekimae Kouryu Plaza
481-4 Wakamatu-cho, Sano, Tochigi

Limited Sale “Shimotsuke Hime” by Tokyo Food

Limited Sale “Shimotsuke Hime” by Tokyo Food
Sold at the Sano IC (In Tokyo Direction) & Miyagen at 2F, Utsunomiya Station Building.

Tokyo Food Website

T-Shirts sold by Pro-Wrestling Noah

Saori designed Noha’s T-shirts.
You can get the T-shirts at their venue!

Pro-Wrestling Noah Website