Tochigi PR ambassador Shodoka SAORI

I am Saori, a profesional shodo artist.
Shodoka is the Japanese word for calligrapher. As a performer, I call myself "Shodoka Saori".
I aspire to show the beauty of Japanese calligraphy to people around the world.

Although other calligraphers mainly draw Chinese characters,called "KANJI", I often use "HIRAGANA," which is of Japanese origin.
This is because hiragana can express the delicacy of calligraphy.

Sometimes,I powerfully draw a kanji on the wall with a huge brush, and sometimes I write it on a small piece of paper with small brushes.

I would be very happy to have the opportunity to show you my performance.


1985 Born in Sano, Tochigi
1992 Started calligraphy.
Practiced calligraphy and kendo during school days.
2005 Graduated from Sano College.
Entered Nihon Shodo School.
Studied under Prof. Keiyo Hori.
2006 Achieved license to establish a Calligraphy school.
2013 “Saori” One-person Exhibition at Sano Chamber of Commerce.
2014 “Saori” One-person Exhibition for Commemoration of Sano City's 10-year Anniversary.
2015 Accepted for 4th Calligraphy Exhibition,in Saku,Nagano.
First-ever calligraphy with music (harp) performance at Ashikaga Gakko Historic site.
2015~2019 Dokuritsu Calligraphy Exhibition award recipient,Tokyo
2015~2019 Mainichi Calligraphy Exhibition award recipient,Tokyo
2016 First-ever calligraphy with music (saxophone) performance at Tokyo Sky Tree.
Calligraphy with music (piano and flute) performance at Ashikaga Gakko Historic site.
2019 Calligraphy performance at Hyatt Regency Kyoto

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